simple topography

A simple topography. The data points form a structured grid.


The FullSWOF-utils package provides pre-processing utility programs for use with the FullSWOF shallow water solver. The governing system of equations (also known as the Saint-Venant equations) require boundary conditions specifying the flow into the domain and the surface elevation at the outlet. The programs provided by FullSWOF-utils allow fine-grained control of the flow at inlet and outlet boundaries. Boundary condition files are generated in the format required by the FullSWOF solver.


A convenient method to install FullSWOF-utils is to clone the online repository. On systems that have the git version control system installed the "git clone" command will create a new directory with the complete set of files. See the web copy of the manual for instructions.

To complete the installation the user need only issue the "make" command from within the newly created directory. This command builds the documentation in info and HTML formats. The makeinfo program, which is part of the Texinfo package, is a pre-requisite for this step.


The FullSWOF-utils programs are writtem in the Python programming language. The programs depend on two extra Python packages:

  1. Matplotlib and
  2. Numpy


After installation, the FullSWOF-utils documentation may be accessed in info format or html format. The info version may be read using either the info standalone reader or the Emacs text editor. The html version may be read using a web browser.

The .info file is located in the doc directory. The html files are located in the manual directory. There are two html options. The file fullswof-utils.html contains the full documentation on one page. The file html_node/index.html provides links to individual pages, with one page for each node.