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2016-04-26add missing quotation marks to HTML attributeHEADv1.0masterPaul Garlick1-1/+1
2016-04-26add README.mdPaul Garlick2-0/+70
2016-03-30pyfrm2xdmf: include third, fourth, fifth and sixth order elementsPaul Garlick1-105/+154
2016-03-29pyfrm2xdmf: add first and second order pyramids, prisms and tetrahedronsPaul Garlick1-54/+123
2016-03-24pyfr2xdmf: allow first and second order hexahedral cell typesPaul Garlick1-72/+151
2016-03-17pyfrm2xdmf: add Function DataItem to allow concatenation of 1D-arraysPaul Garlick1-19/+23
2016-03-11include LICENSE file and AUTHORS filePaul Garlick4-74/+179
2016-03-07creation of mesh and solution file conversion scriptsPaul Garlick2-0/+129